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  • Who is the Mindfulness Journal for?
    The Mindfulness Journal is designed to resonate with a diverse range of individuals seeking to enhance their lives, whether you're a busy professional, a student striving for balance, someone challenged by habit-keeping, susceptible to overwhelm, or simply on a journey to infuse positivity, manage stress, prioritise self-care, and cultivate meaningful moments of reflection.
  • Why does the link take me to Amazon when I click on 'buy now'?
    Printing journals and planners can be a very expensive thing as printing companies usually have minimum print quantities (usually minimum 100), or the ones that allow smaller amounts have very high print costs per unit. Then, there's the matter of holding stock. Once the journals and planners have been printed in large amounts, we'd have to hold onto stock and ship each out as orders come in. Where there is the risk of not enough orders coming in to pay off the initial investment of the printing... Journal Obsession is currently a very small business. This means that we don't yet have the capacity to print large numbers of journals at once and hold stock to ship out each order as they arrive. So instead, we currently utilise Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) service. It means that we are able to self publish, and each journal or planner is only printed once an order comes in via Amazon. This means no excess printing expenses, no stock, no waste... and no financial risk! But hey, who's to say this won't change one day in the future? We certainly have our fingers crossed!
  • What's the difference between the Original Mindfulness Journal and the Minimalist Mindfulness Journal?
    They both have pretty much the same content, just presented slightly differently. The Original edition has colour pages and a little bit more of an artsy flair (decorated pages, illustrations that accompany the Affirmations and Reminders, a busier cover page etc). Whereas the Minimalist edition has stripped back on the decorative details and focused on a more sleek, modern design, with black and white pages; overall much more of a minimal look. The order of the pages are also slightly different in each. With the Original edition being, well, the original; I've been able to make amendment for the Minimalist edition based on my use and arguably enhanced the user experience. With the lack of decorations in the Minimalist edition, there is also a little more space to write down things like your thoughts, goals and manifestations. The Minimalist Edition also has a choice of 8 cover colour options; whereas the Original only has the one cover. With the Original having coloured pages, printing costs are higher, and so it is a higher price than the Minimalist edition options. Both come in hardcover and paperback options. The Mindfulness Journals are intended for reflecting on your manifestation goals, habits, meals, water intake, the things you’re grateful for, your daily accomplishments and dreams, helping you be present and mindful of your energy so that you can ensure you are focusing on the things that matter. With the additional help of affirmations and reminders, it aims to keep your energetic vibrations high; so that you can continue to be in energetic alignment to the things you want to attract into your life. What's inside? - Pages are undated. So you can start using your journal any time of the year - Intro to manifestation and a manifestation template to help you make the most of the intentions you are setting for each 7 week period - Affirmations and inspiring reminders to shine a light on the positives - 7 weeks worth of daily reflection pages with space for free journalling, logging accomplishments, dreams and things you are grateful for. - Weekly planner sections to plan and track each day, your to-do lists, meals, water intake and habits - Embrace self-discovery and growth with the culminating '7 Week Reflection Page', where you encapsulate your triumphs, challenges, manifestations, and aspirations, fostering a holistic journey of mindfulness and personal evolution. (Unique to the Minimalist Edition only)
  • Who is the Productivity Planner for?
    The Productivity Planner caters to a wide spectrum of individuals, embracing busy professionals seeking efficiency, self-reliant individuals navigating independent living, stay-at-home mothers balancing numerous roles, ambitious entrepreneurs driving ventures, seekers of life-work equilibrium, those juggling household demands, individuals craving structured routines, those with ADHD seeking organisation, and those on the autistic spectrum in search of supportive time management, making it an inclusive tool for diverse lives and aspirations.
  • What if I'm ordering from outside the US or UK?
    No problem! In most instances, you should be able to order with no issues. But that doesn’t mean that every item can go anywhere in the world - there’s no guarantee the item you want is available for shipping to your location. Depending on which country you are ordering from, either the US or UK options may be able to accommodate you. The best thing to do is check the item itself from both links. On its page, there will be a note next to where it says ‘In Stock’ or ‘Out of Stock’ saying whether it ships to your location. For example, if you are ordering from the EU, the UK option is likely going to be the best option; if you are ordering from Canada, the US option would be best.
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